Calibrating Truth

So there’s this thing, it’s called your energetic body. Some call it your aura, some call it your energy field… regardless, the basic thing to know is that YOUR PHYSICAL BODY IS THE RUSULT OF THIS FIELD. It does not generate the field.

This is has been known in esoteric circles for sometime, but alas, TPTW (The Powers That Were) needed to keep this info hidden from you or you would be empowered and possibly take control of your environment by controlling your field. EEEK! GASP! What a horror.

The great thing about knowing about this field is that once you know your body is the result of this field, you can learn to expand it and actually increase the functionality of your physical body using your mind.

Another cool thing that you can do with it is calibrate the truth.

Yes… calibrate. As in measure.

How can you measure truth you ask? Well… There’s a whole other site for that. Check it out…

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