What are we here for?

All souls are here for different reasons, but the same purpose. Or, one could say, different purposes but the same reason.  That reason/purpose is to learn.  In order to learn we have experiences that we integrate.

Courtyard of Pinecone - The Vatican

What the heck is that big-ass pine cone for?

The reason I am starting this post off talking about learning and showing pictures of pinecones is because it is a symbolic key to a truth. A truth that has been hidden out in the open for millennia.

What’s that truth?


Yeah, I know. You’ve heard it all before. But have you fully understood this experience? Have you integrated the truth of that experience into your life? Knowing you’ve been lied to is one thing, acting on the truth of that knowledge is entirely different.

So what’s with the pinecone?

The pinecone is a symbol for your potential. A potential all humans possess. The potential to be free and fully aware of what you are and why you are here.  A symbol of the pineal gland in your brain that serves as a portal to your full potential.


This blog will serve to share my experiences living in this new world. It will also serve as a sort of mental sketch-book wherein I can wonder out-loud and share the truths that have risen from within.

So welcome to the new world… your new world. A world where you cannot be lied to or controlled more than you want to be. A world where knowing the truth is a sacred right. A world where your soul cannot be arrested. A world where one and all can choose their own experience.

About alien148

Living underground sucked, so now I hold space in Los Angeles.


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