2012 For Dummies

The title of this article is misleading. That is purposeful.  The book below by prolific researcher/synthesizer David Wilcock isn’t for dummies, it is for those wish to be at the leading edge of the Ascension process taking place on Earth right now.

However, while The Source Field Investigations is an accumulation of data points that reveals just how far science has come in understanding how we are all connected, and in the process, illustrates just how much research has been suppressed by “The Powers That Were” in order to keep the masses in darkness, it is also a primer, a book that brings one update so to speak. In that regard, if you happen to be just arriving to the 2012 party, this book provides critical PROOF of the increased light that is affecting Earth and everything on it currently. Indeed, light = information, and this book is bursting with light.

Before becoming a New York Times bestselling author with The Source Field Investigations, Mr. Wilcock was a well known 2012 blogger whose site DivineCosmos.Com spurned a conference and lecture tour.  These appearances and a string of successul videos made him a key player in the alternative news world that surrounds 2012.  Other players in this domain include people like Steve Beckow, Ben Fulford, Projects Avalon and Camelot, and many others.

A vital thing to remember when consuming this material, and anything concerning 2012, is that the topic tends to break down into two worlds; one is the spiritual realm, the other is the physical.  Because the physical is the result of the spiritual, information can sometimes be hard to understand if one doesn’t have a good grasp of the higher realms so its good to have someone that does “overstand” it in order to explain it.  DW does a good job of thinning the veil between the two with this book and I recommend it highly to anyone who wants a factually based exploration and explanation of what is happening on Earth right now.

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