What Channels Do You Watch?

One of my first big “ahhh-haaa” moments, aside from realizing I’m an alien, came when I realized that the physical is the result of the spiritual.  Put simply, this means that the human body does not generate an energy field, it is generated by one.  When I realized this and actually began to experience the world in this manner, the physical world became the secondary one.

There are MANY “news” sources that report on/from the spiritual realm and their tones, themes, and material, while being directly related to 2012, differ vastly from the sites that report on the Earthly happenings.  Below are a few links for you to see what I mean.

Mathews Messages

Messages From the Realms of Light

Galactic Channelings

Ascension Earth 2012


If you are reading this blog you’re probably already familiar with many of these sites, if you’re not, I would recommend dipping your feet in and seeing what the water feels like.  Most of these sites contain channeled information. If you’re not too familiar or comfortable with this type of information I suggest you feel into which messages speak to you and resonate as true and take note, then leave the rest.  It’s excellent practice for developing your ability to discern what rings true and what feels hollow.

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Living underground sucked, so now I hold space in Los Angeles.


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