Basic Training: Conspiracy Theory 101

When searching for truth in any form it is rare to find it abundantly in any one place.  More common, it seems, is to find pieces. Pieces that over time come to fit together to form a larger picture.  Like putting together a puzzle, it can often be helpful to separate the pieces into colors or shades, or to piece the border together first, then, once we have a frame of reference, we can fill in the blank spots as they reveal themselves to us.

The books below represent a few of the pieces that framed the border of the puzzle for me.  Like War Against the Weak, which I blogged about previously, these books provide glimpses behind the veil of power that has ran rampant on this planet for, probably, more than a thousand years.

Jim Marrs has written several books about topics that lie on the fringes.  The one above, Rule By Secrecy, is an exploration of secret societies and occult groups. In it, Marrs attempts to tie together groups that existed since Mesopotamia.  I don’t agree with all of his conclusions, but if you want to understand why many U.S. presidents belong to various secret fraternities, or get an idea of the power of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), this book is a good starting point.

In Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins tells his story of being an economist with a multi-national consulting firm. In it he describes how his job was to fabricate data provided to foreign governments in order to get them indebted to the U.S., the World Bank, or the IMF.  An interesting story that reveals some of the possible machinations of global politics, I highly recommend this book to firm up one’s understanding of the real reason “third world” countries always seem to be in debt, not to mention how U.S. foreign policy is really decided.

The Committee of 300 is an excellent look at some of the top people in power and their roles and organizations.  A well researched and investigated work, this book pries open the doors that conceal the halls of power and sheds light onto the machinations that, up until very recently, continued to operated and rule with impunity. A PDF version of the book can found online… for free here.

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