Conspiracy of Silence

The abuse of children is hard for me to deal with.  It angers me in a way that leaves me feeling fully justified to choke the life of those who abuse children, especially sexually.  Spiritually I know it is not one’s place to judge the life path of another, be them viewed as victim or perpetrator.  However, the fact remains that feelings of righteous indignation rise volcanically within me when I hear about cases of molestation and ritual abuse of children.

Lately there are a lot of those cases coming to light.  From Enda Kenny’s lambasting of the Vatican to the revelations of the cover-up of Sandusky’s behavior at Penn State and now Fine at Syracuse, the seemingly endemic sexual abuse of children worldwide seems to be rising from the depths of silence to the surface for all to see.

In working to not stay deeply angered to point of needing to choke the shit of someone I remembered some research I did years ago about a place called Bohemian Grove.  This place, a “nature retreat for the elite”, always popped up in one way or another when I started searching for information on child sex trafficking and ritual sexual abuse.  I ended up dropping it because… well, I found all I needed to find.  I know that good things don’t usually happen behind closed doors and the doors to the Bohemian Grove are firmly closed to those not in power.

The two documentaries and book below are a couple examples of the type information that I found when looking into this matter.  They both discuss the sexual molestation of children and provide a glimpse of just how high and far the claims of rape and abuse go.  Well worth your time, both of these videos reveal how the leaders in the U.S. government not only protects those who prey upon children, but often participate themselves.  I know how hard the truth can be to accept sometimes, but making choices about the world one choses to live in is a sacred right and I for one would rather know the ugly truth than walk around believing a beautiful lie.

As always, your best judgement and highest discernment is advised.  I don’t believe everything I see or read… EVER.  And since one of these videos is by Alex Jones, it’s best to have your truth and bullshit detectors ready and set to high.

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