Um, Pardon me… Is your Paradigm is Crooked?

Happy New Year!

  • Are you ready for lift off?
  • Is your paradigm up to date?
  • Have you upgraded your worldview?

A lot attention is given in the 2012/Ascension/Disclosure community to the subject of WHEN.  WHEN disclosure is going to happen? WHEN NESARA will come online? How can I know WHEN I will Ascend?… Etc.

I, too, occasionally find myself wondering when all of these things are going to happen. Then I remember that it’s a ongoing process that will continue to happen… and has already happened.  I don’t mean to imply that I have advanced info by any means.  I do not not.

What I do mean to convey is that whether or not you believe in angels, reptilians, or alien battles in space, it doesn’t matter… as long as you believe in and want to integrate Love into your worldview, you’re golden.  I’m not talking about the kind of love one speaks about having BMW’s, or coffee ice cream, or even their country;  Im talking about the type of Love that makes things grow.  Pure, selfless, outflowing Love that infinitely expands potential and indefinitely increases possibilites.

In working to assemble a loving, yet organized and functional, worldview of my own I’ve come to understand and accept concepts and theories that currently rest on the fringes of society.  These ideas include reincarnation, non-terrestrial beings, angels and archangels, non-linear time, free energy, Atlantis and Lemuria, psychic war and mind control, “black operations”, deep underground military bunkers, chemtrails, cloning, channeled information, eugenics, space fleets, bases on the moon and mars, and… well, you get the idea.

So what’s most important?  What should one pay attention to most?  Should I watch the price of gold as a indicator?  Should I watch broadcast news?  Should I be occupying?  Will the UFO’s decloak before the mass arrests?  Will there be a truth and reconciliation process?

So many questions…  yet, I’ve found that the answer for me, is the same for all.

Stay positive and grateful and listen to your heart.

So simple. So effective.

Not easy at all.

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Living underground sucked, so now I hold space in Los Angeles.

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