Look how mad they’re getting… [Cop mentally snaps]

While this video is funny and will probably go viral, its likely a good indication of the stress levels many in the cabal are dealing with right now. This video of a police officer losing it and basically mentally snapping reveals how the pressure to perform, which links to job security and advancement, can be so strong at all levels, even low levels like police officers and judges, that they seemingly forget they are there to WORK FOR the people, and their selfish motives become blatantly obvious for all to see.  Now, with so much highly charged light grounding into the earth we will probably be seeing all kinds of shocking displays of pain and anger as people lash out in attempts balance themselves.  It’s also foreseeable that more and more ugly secrets will come to the surface as people release the heavy emotions of anger, pain, guilt, and blame to make room for the expanding vibrations of truth, light, and love.


[NOTE: I know some are claiming this to be a prank and even linking other videos of officers that are obviously pranks, however, this didn’t/doesn’t strike me as a set up.  I know cops know the camera is on, and they could/would get reprimanded for this type of conduct, but how many times do we need to see images of cops assaulting and brutalizing citizens to know how common it really is?]


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