David Wilcock NOT going along with Beckow’s Joyride?


From DivineCosmos.com comments section:

Ok, BIG question for David…The owner of the website The 2012 Scenario (Steve Beckow) is claiming that himself and 20 other participants will on February the 4th (Saturday) literally take a trip on a space mothership for 10 days. Among the information about this David’s name was mentioned as possibly being asked to join the others on this trip.

My question is, does David have any knowledge of this? If so, and if he would go, would he share this with his readers beforehand so we knew more of what was going on?

Please fill us in David or Mod, if you know anything at all about this! Thank you.

[Moderator: This is a completely untrue, unfounded and ridiculous claim, which should be fairly obvious. Apparently, it came through a channeling, and we will be extremely shocked if a “levitating limousine” shows up at our door, and we are saddened to hear it as it gives a bad name to channeling when some channeling can provide authentically enlightening information. We also do not support giving money to Steve Beckow on behalf of NESARA which we know to be fraudulent.]


In response to what is a simple question about Steve and his trip, DW’s Mod  responds negatively, calling Steve’s claims to be “unfounded” and “ridiculous.”  My questions is why?  What has he got to lose?  He works with a man who claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and who accepts ancient aliens from outer space as fact.  Then why the harsh response?  Steve has publicly stated in the #OccupyDisclosure #1 Update:

Since we’re on the subject [of donations], let me say as well that, because I discussed the fact that I don’t have ready access to Grener or Archangel Michael because I can only afford so many readings, people immediately began sending me donations. Thank you very much, but you can see how compelling the reasons are for me not to accept donations? Why do you suppose I have not had a donation button on my site, even though many people have urged me to do so?

Yes, you assisted us earlier by purchasing a computer. I did not ask for it and was totally surprised when the money poured in.  I acknowledge you for that with warm gratitude.

But it is important that I (1) not benefit financially from any of this and (2) be seen not to benefit from any of this.  I have chosen a different route than David, Drunvalo and Linda. I already have a pension and have money to take care of myself. I do not want to benefit from my lightwork given that I do not need to earn my living from it.

So I will be asking Dave to go into my Paypal accopunt and return your donations, with my thanks. It’s too important (as you can see from this current round of charges) to jeopardize a project like this by inviting charges of corruption.


Obviously the mod doesn’t even read Steve’s posts, so then why the negativity? Arch Angel Michael through Linda Dillion sheds some light on that in Steve’s most recent update with AAM and Grener: Limousine to the Stars 


AAM: You are being asked – you, the collective, in different ways, and in different assignments pertinent to your individual missions, have been asked to do incredible, remarkable, unusual things. So, for some it is to go to the stars. For some it is to act as an undercover agent. For others, it is to sit with the sick and dying and to show them the light. For others, it is to work in the community and hold that light. There are many ways in which all of the light workers are undertaking the tasks at hand.


More soon…



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One response to “David Wilcock NOT going along with Beckow’s Joyride?”

  1. Mary says :

    I totally agree! I just read that in Divine Cosmos, and was disgusted with the moderator’s response. Why the hate for Steve? I know that on Divine Cosmos, they don’t like most “channeled work,” even thought David himself has channeled Ra.

    I think that Steve Beckow is full of integrity. I emailed him a question to ask on his Hour With an Angel show when he first announced he was going to start it. I asked about ascension for people with developmental disabilities, particularly in reference to any healing of the disability. Steve went out of his way to research all of his sources he reads, and sent me multiple emails with excerpts pertaining to my question. It was like an article in it’s thoroughness, but it was just for my benefit, he didn’t post it on his site. He didn’t have to do that. It was incredibly kind, thoughtful, and generous with his time. I am feeling sickened by the response from the Divine Cosmos site. Steve doesn’t deserve that.

    Also, Steve isn’t asking for donations for NESARA, like the moderator implied. He has a Bridge Fund, which gives money to lightworkers in need, not to “invest” in NESARA.

    I just discovered your site. I look forward to reading it more.


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