[[[UPDATE]]] – This IS IT. Are You Ready? #OccupyDisclosure

The 2012/disclosure community is buzzing in anticipation of Steve Beckow’s and 150 invited guests to trip to meet the Grener and the Galactic Federation in person, this Saturday, February 14th.  In what began on Beckow’s weekly radio show “Hour with an Angel” as a sincere request to Arch Angel Michael through channel Linda Dillon, has shifted the burden of disclosure from the realms of official government to the public, namely Steve and members of his the2012Scenario.com community.

With other channels weighing in about the good probability of this actually occurring, it turns out that the likelihood of this happening seems to be up to our collective will.  As such I say, HAVE A NICE TRIP STEVE!  I know you will do an excellent job in representing the first of us to have contact.  We come so far, I know this is real…  all this time we’ve been waiting for people to do it, but we’re the one’s we’ve waiting for.  Let’s go… The revolution is NOW!

We all have the opportunity to hold a steadfast belief that this is going to happen. Not just on Saturday evening when our friends are going to leave, but now, today, and tomorrow.  Not only can we do this, WE MUST DO THIS, and bolster that belief with the feelings of pure joy that such a meeting is truly cause for!  It’s time to create the world you want to live in.  Do you want secrets, war, and control, or do you want truth, freedom, and cooperation?

We are at the threshold of the Golden Age… a sort of, “revolution”, if you will.

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