It’s not a question of “IF”. It’s not a question at all.

There is a lot flying around in the blogosphere, newsgroups, and chatrooms at the moment concerning Occupy Disclosure.  Considering we are on the verge of a breakthrough for humankind, I do not see how it could be any different.

There are new post about Steve’s “Joyride” or “Mission to the Stars” from AAM himself,  Greg Giles, and Tots, and Steve’s own latest update, however, after considering what is actually transpiring… I can only sit back and chuckle.  Things got serious. Very quickly.

Being human is quite humorous.

We want, and want, and want… and when the time comes to HAVE, we freak out.

Admittedly, I freaked myself out a few times imagining the pristine yet alien corridors and apartments on the ship and then wondering something along the lines like… “What do I call them? Sir? Lord? Master? Wait… Shouldn’t I know this?!!”  Then I laugh at myself, reground, and move on.


Now is the time for joy! For enthusiasm!  For being grateful!

It is happening…

Just let that sink in a moment.

Regardless of whether it’s tonight, or tomorrow, next week, or next October, IT IS HAPPENING.  We have collectively decided to jump in and we now reside in that moment between when we decided to jump into the cold water and when we actually jump.  Any hesitation at this point will only make things harder and delay the inevitable breathtaking refreshment that is the the cold vastness of space!

So let’s collectively stop trying to bend the spoon of doubt.  Instead, I invite you to join in collectively accepting that there is no doubt.

Only love. Only trust. Only truth.

We might not have a solution to this problem, but we do have soul-utions which makes the whole thing not really problem but more of a choice. So come on… trust your heart and hold the truth you know to be true, it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.

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About alien148

Living underground sucked, so now I hold space in Los Angeles.

One response to “It’s not a question of “IF”. It’s not a question at all.”

  1. Fillandra says :

    You’re right. It’s time for joy so let’s dance, let’s celebrate. 😉
    And you will know how to call them. But you can call them how ever you like. 😉


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