How To Lose Enough Weight To Go into Outer Space

The Joy Ride Aftermath

The reaction to Steve Beckow’s attempt to organize a visit with the Galactics evoked strong feelings on all sides. Greg Giles writeup sums up the event pretty well… on the positive side of things.  I haven’t bothered to look for the negative stuff, but I’m sure it’s out there.

Interestingly, that simple choice of choosing not to look for the negative seems to be a big part of why the event did/didn’t, will/won’t happen.  Does that make any sense?  Let me try and explain.

For many people, hard evidence of extra-terrestrial and/or extra-dimensional (ET/ED) existence would result in joyous celebration.  For some, hard evidence is would result in fear or even grief.  If we take a look at the scale below, we can see how each emotional state carries its own vibration, frequency (log) if you will. Simply put, the frequencies of fear, or even anger, are not conducive to establishing new relationships with beings who higher consciousness.  It’d kinda be like inviting 1st graders to a housewarming party.  Not only would they likely not realize the true reason were there, but they would need constant supervision and only be interested in the toys and cake.

Not you you say?  Well, look at the scale above and see where you think you fall. Are you light enough to go on a joy ride?  Most people have a range that they fall within and their  consciousness fluctuates within that range.  For example, I range from 250-500.

This consciousness scale is derived from the consciousness research  done by Dr. David Hawkins.  If you are not familiar with him or his work, LMGTFY,  click this link to read a post I wrote about consciousness calibration, or read this excellent article about Dr. Hawkins and the scale. 

The Vibration of Joy

According the chart above the emotion of joy is vibrates at a higher (faster) frequency than logic (reason), and even love (as experienced in a human body as unconditional love.)  When I started writing this article, I gathered as much information (data) I could find to support my case and went to work.  That was being left brained.  That was not living from my heart.  That was being logical and reasoning. That was the old way.  That was not enjoying creation, but taking a methodically logical approach. That is why this short  1000 word article has taken just as long as the 7000 word one!  Living in the heart, IN joy, isn’t easy when you first start. It takes a huge amount of trust. It requires focusing on ones awareness and maintaining it.  This act, this conscious choice of choosing how one feels at each and every moment is what this ascension stuff is all about for a lot of us.  It’s that simple.

Simple, not Easy.

Research into consciousness has purposely been kept on the fringes of science for fear of the empowering effect of truth has on a populace that has been lied to.  Again, if we accept the theory that underlies the map of consciousness, we can see where keeping people in fear, which calibrates at 100, makes for easier population control than would a society that calibrates in the 350’s, which is noted by the emotion of acceptance.  If people are not afraid, they are not reactionary.

Considering what we do know about consciousness, DNA, etheric/source fields, and electromagnetic fields (they are all related), it make’s total sense why we are better off living in the heart.  This article by Denise Le Fay explains the whole thing wellbut to sum it up, as humans we are intellectually, emotionally, and physically more capable when are grounded in our spiritual bodies by living in our hearts instead of our minds.  As we strengthen our resolve to always do so, we increase the amount of light we are capable of holding and our consciousness is raised accordingly.  Similarly, in the same way smiling sends signals to your brain that one is happy, feeling joy sends signals to your brain telling it that your heart is safely in charge and it can relax from being on alert 24/7 365.  I mean, there really isn’t anything to worry about… ever.  So why bother?

How to Move from Hope to Joy

Instead of explaining the what why’s and how’s of Joy, I invite you to watch this video by Alpha Gamma Brain, a company that does consciousness calibration research.  I’ve tried this exercise.  I work at it.  It isn’t easy, but it does work when done consistently.  Taken with what we know about 2012/Ascension, this shift we are currently undergoing is giving all of us the energetic push we need to elevate our states of being, and tools like this can help us do that.

The Hardest Workout You Could Ever Do.

What seems to get mistaken in much of the ascension conversation is just how PHYSICAL of an activity it is.  Making the choice to live from the heart does not only make one energetically stronger, it requires discipline to make sure one doesn’t slip back into logic or rationalization.  This is what is meant when you hear or read the phrase ” staying grounded”.

To be firmly rooted in one’s heartspace means that one has shed the use of the idea of this/that and either/or (duality), and shifted their thinking to their heart.  In a recent  “An Hour with an Angel” Jan 23rd, 2012, Steve Beckow asked AAM about this ascension into the heart and what it means.  AAM:

Similarly many of your star brothers and sisters have gone through similar experiences as well. But what the difference is, and why so many of you are here, both on Earth and hovering slightly above, is because it will be anchored very much in physicality and form, and that this shift is not simply an Ascension out of form into sheer energy or into a different dimension or reality, it is an Ascension while having the full opportunity and choice, the selection, to maintain physicality.

And that is why most of you are here.

But as we started to say at the beginning, you cannot ascend if you are lopsided, if you are out of balance. And therefore you must be in all parts of your being, and your center is where you emanate from and where that balance is established. It is in the still point of your heart. So think of it as the very center of a circle. You do not eliminate the circumference; it helps define you. But that center is pivotal.

So by choosing to stay in the heart, in joy, in trust that life is complete we allow ourselves to be filled with the energy/light of serenity which makes  interaction with galactic citizens more viable.  I know it sounds like a lofty ideal, and you say that you’re a simple, kind, and  decent person and you wouldn’t be rude or mean if you were go meet your space family, but as a child in the galactic sense, how would you even know if you were?

So go…!  Flee…!  Into your beautiful expanding heart!

We wouldn’t want the first humans to visit the Neptune to act like young children at a dinner party would we?

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