UPDATE: Mass Arrests Imminent – “Round them all up now before the public gets wind of this…”

Major articles in foreign mainstream news outlets, a video from British parlament, and internet articles by mainstream U.S. journalists about fake bonds, trillion of dollars, and illegal bank transfers reveal what appears to be a looming axe-like chopping off the banking serpents head.

Article 1

And there’s the last Poof update which listed dozens of bank head resignations and terminations.


Here’s the video referred to in the Veterans Today article. (Article 1)


One of the great pieces I’ve read recently is by a former banker in the U.K. This article is an excellent look into the minds of the people who work in these banks and how they are starting to become aware of their roles and the power they truly yield.  The article is entitled, “How I May Have Cost My Firm $528M”

Since we know that banking is/was the power center for the Cabal, these resignations, revelations, and terminations signal a huge shake up taking place.  If Greece, Spain, Ireland, and Portugal decide to default on their loans on purpose like Fulford has hinted at, we could see a new global banking system before 2013.

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