Thanks For Showing me HOW NOT TO DO IT.

A close friend of mine (another alien. different planet.) recently shared an observation with me they had about my apparent constant search for new truth, revealings, or whistleblower information.  Their thought was that none of the info is ever really “new” or revelatory to me and they wondered why I continued to look for it, and share it.  It seemed to make/keep me kinda angry.  Why do it?

Their opinion was that because I’ve known some of the ugly truths about what has really been going on on this planet (and off) for awhile, a part of me is rejoicing in the sharing of the information (light), that prior to recently wasn’t really safe to share (cohesively anyways) in one space.  Another was me simply waiting for the “See! I told you they were bad!” moment so that I could get the (duality conditioned) response of being right.


Both were true.

Their insight resonated deeply and set off a chain of events that led to (amongst other things), a decrease in interest in writing and researching for this blog.  I still read, I still watch, but I don’t feel the need to jump into the fray.

Yes, there are resignations en masse. Yes, there are arrests looming.

Yay. Exciting.

Not more exciting than the emerging sense of joy and light. Not more fun to pay attention to than the overall level of “feel good” that is increasing.  (I’m pretty sure there are a lot of simliar priority/activity re-evaluations taking place on the planet right now.)

Funny thing is, as sure I was (at the time) that sharing and writing this information was important, (even if it only ever reached one person) I am equally, if not more sure that pointing out the wrongs, misdeeds, treachery, wickedness, deceit, greed, and general over all selfishness of our brothers and sisters in the one is no longer important…for me to do anyways.  I no longer feel much of a desire to judge others paths.  If some choose to do so, that is their free will choice.  I choose to focus my energies elsewhere however, so for now, this is is the last post from Alien148.

In as much as I love seeing  “what goes around come back around”, and sharing my insights on it, I now realize that growth and evolution IS Love and there is never any reason to result to blame or finger pointing.  We are all here on/at Earth School™ with something to learn, something to share, and something to forgive.  It doesn’t make much sense to mock and ridicule the other students who are all also just doing the best they can to learn what they agreed to learn and do what they agreed do… especially if one has already taken the class the other students are currently in.

How mean is that!?!?!

That’s downright cruel!

It’s something children do.  : )

Is that what this is all about though?  Forgiving the wicked?

The cabal used their freewill to usurp and wrest the entire planets freewill, and they were allowed to do so, because everyone here (apparently) agreed to participate in one way or another.  Yes, it is absolutely imperative that people be held responsible for their crimes… and it is also time to change the old ways of thinking and doing things.

The time has come for 100% of everyone’s free will to be returned to them.  I, for one, will not waste mine blaming people.  All the messages from Greg, Wanderer, Salusa etc. say we’ve won. The war is over. It’s time for clean-up.  For those of us on the “ground grew”, we are no longer called to shout from the rooftops that a war for your hearts is taking place. That war is over. Your heart is yours again.

Now it’s time to use it.

Take your time.

It’s been awhile.

Mine feels larger than I remember.  More space and definitely more flexible.

What about yours?

Is it large enough to forgive?  Is it large enough to live in?

Here and now, I’d just like to say to every single person, entity, large and small, significant and insignificant, near and far, human and non human, that participated in, benefitted from, and/or complied with the dark agenda to torture, enslave, and murder all of humanity that I forgive you and I thank you for your service in reflecting and demonstrating all manner of behavior in order so that I could experience, learn from, and integrate it into my experience.

I now understand how deceit, greed, shame, and fear are not principles to live by and I will never accede to living by or with them again.

So, thank you.

I’m sorry I blamed you.

Please forgive me.

Let’s forgive each other.

Let’s love each other.

I love you.

About alien148

Living underground sucked, so now I hold space in Los Angeles.


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