“Good Ol’ Boys” to the Rescue?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the “good ol’ boy” tone of Drake and latest Wilcock interviewee Winston Shrout?  If you’re from middle America, these men probably sound just like your neighbor, your pastor, your teacher, or the man at the bank. If you live on either coast (north of the Mason Dixon if you’re on the East), or outside of the U.S. though, they sound how one might imagine a Southerner or Texan rancher or farmer might sound.

Why am I talking about this? Why does it matter at all?

I bring this up because it has been my experience, especially when traveling to Europe and living in Hawaii, that a common European and Asian stereotype about Americans is that of a white, (Caucasian), overweight, football and baseball loving, McRib eating, gun owning, truck driving, country music loving, George Bush lover.  When I used to live in the south, (Florida/Texas), we called these people “Good Ol’ Boys”.

Over the years, ‘good ol’ boys’ have evolved and grown just like almost every American cultural group.  If there’s one thing you can say about the melting pot that is the U.S.A., it’s that we all tend to absorb the facets of other cultures that appeal to us and leave what doesn’t.

So what’s the deal with these “Good ‘ol Boys”?

Drake, Winston Shrout, Bob Dean, Clifford Stone…  ?

They all seem to fit the same mold.

And they should.

All these men belong to the preferred racial, sexual, and cultural class of the Cabal in the U.S.

White – Male – Christians

That these are the very men in the media spotlight during the finals stages of this spiritual and financial war should not shock anyone.  This group has been at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy in the U.S. since it’s inception.

The fact that their allegiance is no longer, or never was, to their cultural group, but to higher, loftier ideals…namely Truth and Integrity, says a lot to me.  I do not mean to imply that them NOT being racist or bigoted is reason to celebrate them or champion their cause, I simply wish to point out who is fighting who.

The “Good Ol’ Boy Network is/was cronyism at its finest, and these men signal its demise.

From Wikipedia: Cronyism is partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications. Hence, cronyism is contrary in practice and principle to meritocracy.

We’ve heard that word, “Meritocracy” uttered by Fulford for a while, and while I personally feel that Ben has his own horses in the race, thus making his info biased and subjective, the idea of a meritocracy goes hand in hand with a rise in consciousness.

Shouldn’t that be the way an integrous system works?

In the days ahead we are likely to start seeing lots of white, upper class, males and females, arrested.  This sight is going to shock a lot of people.  Some will be shocked that so many people are being arrested, others will be shocked at WHO is getting arrested.  For multi-cultural aliens like myself this doesn’t come as a surprise, nor is it proof that “they” are bad.

I learned the hard way, through trial and error… that there is no “They”. One must consciously choose to think of themselves as separate in order for that thought process to even seem logical.  Thinking of oneself as separate, however, is the basic fallacy we’re working to free ourselves from.

(In case you haven’t figured it out by now… I’m multi-racial. Most people have no idea what race I am. Most are pretty sure that I’m “not white”,  hence the “Alien” moniker.)

The idea that resonates with me is that we all experience what we need to in order to learn HOW NOT TO TREAT OTHER PEOPLE. 

Being on the receiving end of racism sucks.

What better way for me to learn not to judge people that way?

Being judged unfairly because of my sex or appearance doesn’t feel good either.

What better way to learn that I shouldn’t do that?

Being treated differently because of my economic class, or lack thereof, feels horrible.

What’s a better way to learn that that isn’t a good way for me to treat people?

The Golden Rule

I stopped writing this blog for a while because I found myself looking forward to the demise of these elitist groups.  I was waking up and checking the web everyday for pictures or video of some wealthy white banker doing the “perp walk”.

Now I pray and ask that “May all beings know peace and love. May all beings near and far, large and small, human and non-human, on Earth, in Earth,  and Off Earth… know peace, joy, and love.”

Did I forget anyone?

In the coming months and weeks we are all going to be challenged to re-think what we know.  We are all going to asked to stretch our minds, but more importantly… our hearts.  We are going to need to forgive. We are going to need to accept that we too are/were part of the problem, and that we too have changes me must continue to make if we want to ascend with this planet.

If I really am a “starseed” and most of my incarnations have not been on the planet as suggested to me, as a “visitor” I can attest to just how special this planet is.  I never cease to be amazed at how EVERYTHING is all connected and interdependent.  We live on a paradisical being of boundless abundance and diversity, and the U.S. is/was the command center from which this beautiful being has been raped and looted for the past 100+ years.  Now… its time to be the command center for change.

There was an article a while ago (Oct. ’11) on ascension101.com by Inelia Benz that spoke to the battleground that America seems to be, and apparently, has always been.

I quote most of it, but here’s the link in case you’re not familiar with the site. She says what I’ve felt for a long time, and she says it very well.

By Inelia Benz

I was brought up to “hate” the United State of America.  “They” had, after all, paid for the brutal and bloody right wing military coup that destroyed my family and killed many of our friends in Chile when I was 7 years old.

As I grew up in the UK, more “hate” was taught about the USA in the local culture, as well as validated by most of the refugees we got to know from different parts of the world.  Yes, the USA had a lot to answer for.

But I was guided to come here, to this land, and in particular to California.  I have been given ample opportunity to “run away” from this land, go somewhere safer, more balanced, less chaotic. In my stay, I decided to observe and study the collective energy, the culture and the people in the USA.

The first thing that became clear, was that it was not “Americans” who had destroyed Chile, but a small group of individuals in the “powers that were” category.  Most Americans didn’t even know where Chile was or that it existed.

Secondly, and this is one of the important points, the American people are among the most oppressed people in the world.  They are drugged via drinking water, food, chemtrails, vibrational technology (HARPP – and probably others), “medical drugs”, alcohol, duped via television, radio and has one of the worst, most severe programming, educational systems in the world.  Their “health system” is designed to make and keep people sick, and is not interested in cures (that would destroy the pharmaceutical industry).

I had to ask myself, why are trillions of dollars being invested in suppressing this nation? What is so important, what is so unique about the USA that all this has to be done to destroy their basic human freedom, their potential, their innate powers?

Well, the USA was the birthing ground of the New Age Movement. Of the Internet. Of personal computers, the “green movement”, and much more.

There is something about this land that brings into the 3D things that completely alter the path of the entire world.

It could be that from it’s inception, the USA was meant to be where people from around the world could come and be free, be themselves, achieve their dreams.  The first place where the shackles of enslavement to monarchy were first seeded into the collective.

Yes, the journey of freedom has been hijacked over and over again, even creating a force of enslavement identified with America to create hate around the world for this land and its people.  But something remains. Something always stays.

What is it that remains? What is it that stays?

IMO, it is our collective will to be the best. Our competitive, yet friendly drive to want to be the best.

The best what though?

From my perspective, and I have lived all over this country… California, Florida, Texas,  Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii –  We all don’t necessarily want to BE the best, we want to be OUR best.

We love that feeling that comes from excelling. We celebrate those people that do succeed and relish their achievements as our own. The part that knows they are us might be inactive, but it is not fully dormant. We fall in love with people who pull themselves up “by their own bootstraps”, use them as examples for our kids, and tell stories about them because we know we are all capable of doing so, and we cheer those that do so.

This country was founded on cooperation… Not competition.  However, as the battle has shifted to an internal one… a battle of the heart, our nemesis has used every scheme and trick in the book to keep us distracted and fearful of our most potent ally… ourselves.  They have been successful at getting us to look for external solutions when the real answer is internal… a soul-lution.

So yeah… It seems pretty clear to me that we are in the final days of this financial slugfest, and the ‘good ol’ boys’ are in the thick of it… swinging away.  I, for one, couldn’t be prouder of them.  I have no doubt that they will do their best, and I feel grateful for being born in a country where that rugged spirit and “can do” attitude is not only celebrated, but an apparent birth right integrated into every soul that springs forth from this beautiful nation.

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