It’s been long time…

I shouldn’t have left you… without a strong blog to step to.

Okay, if you’re not an Hip Hop/R&B fan you won’t get the reference, suffice to say, the time has come (and passed) for me to step into the world as a fully vested human, and so here I am.

I’ve started a new blog because while Alien148 was fun, the time has come to put the toys away and get to work. For me at least, that means no more whining, or complaining, or being a victim.

It means consciously and courageously manifesting the world I want live in and being the kind of being that would live in such a world.

So please… follow me.  There’s a lot to talk about @ AMERICAN KARMA PROJECT.

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About alien148

Living underground sucked, so now I hold space in Los Angeles.


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