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Need Help Ascending?


I just finished the guided meditation series on and I highly recommend them.  They are easy, effective, and well presented.

Since ascension is all about consciousness, and from my limited experience consciousness is all about energy, learning how to operate our energetic bodies is quite important.

Over the next week or so I’m going to link a few other meditations that I’ve found effective over the years with the idea of sharing what works for me so that others may continue to refine their own meditative diet. For me the process of finding practices that I liked and found effective was almost as hard as initially doing them.

So taste this one and see. If it doesn’t resonate with you, simply set it aside, and move on to another one.

Just the like the foods we eat, our daily energetic and meditative practices nurture and assist us in our growth, or, if we don’t eat (practice) we starve ourselves and end up searching for external fixes to internal problems.

Lastly, my Chi Gong instructor gave me some great insight into the difference between practicing and learning.  Yesterday when I was getting down on myself for not feeling like I was excelling in my practice.  He said,

“Before we can practice effectively, we must train properly. Do not get upset if your practice isn’t where you want it to be… That only means you are excelling in being instructed.”

I really appreciated his comment because sometimes the pressure to feel like we must be good at something or excel and progress quickly is mountainous.  This comment quickly made me realize that knowing we need to learn more and train more, is just as important as the practice itself.  I also appreciated the positive feedback.

Isn’t love great?

For a white guy, he sure has the zen thing down pretty well!

Ok… back to work.